Flaming Peartini with Flambéed Pears over Honeycomb Ice Cream



Flambéed Pears over L.A Creamery Honeycomb Ice Cream and the Flaming Peartini

OMG I CAN’T EVEN WITH THESE FALL RECIPES YOU GUYS! Fall used to be my favorite season until I had to get stupid married and live in Los Angeles, but hey, I need to just be thankful someone married me. Growing up in upstate NY, fall was always the best. Leaves changing, pumpkin and apple picking from an ACTUAL PUMPKIN PATCH OR APPLE ORCHARD and NOT the parking lot at an Albertson’s in Los Feliz. I mean really L.A, get your pumpkin shit together.

ANYWAY Anna and I both love fall because it combines all our favorite things: fall fruits, flames, and booze. And muddling. We love a good muddle. This recipe is pretty easy and as long as you start with the same amount of eyebrows, you did good, kid.

Taken from the Nugget Market recipe we found on Pinterest, but let me tell you something: I think they left some crap out AND weren’t clear, probably because they just want you to go buy it, but follow OUR instructions and you’ll be on your way to flames and friends!


Flambéed Bartlett Pears over Honeycomb Ice Cream
1 Bartlett pear, sliced
½ cup Brandy
2 tbsp. brown sugar
½ cup water
sprinkle of cinnamon
scoop of ice cream (we used L.A Creamery’s Honeycomb Ice Cream!)


Heat a sauté pan with butter, add sliced Bartlett pear, 6 tbsp brown sugar, and a half cup water. Cook the pears until the water has steamed off and the pears have softened. Make sure the water has cooked down a bit too. NOW THE FUN PART!


REMOVE PAN FROM HEAT! If you are using a gas stove, turn off all burners and turn off the fan if you have it on. If you don’t the flame could shoot up the fan and ruin your day. Add the 1/2 cup of brandy (we used Applejack brandy because yum) and tilt the pan away from you. Using a long match or BBQ lighter, light pears and brandy on fire! Once the flames burn down, add back to stove. Cook over high heat until the pears caramelize and the brandy has been absorbed and cooked off. Serve over ice cream and reserve a few slices for the Fall Peartini.


Fall Peartini (Originally by Nugget Market, improved by Anna & Emily)

2 oz. Absolut Pears Vodka
2 slices of Flambéed Bartlett Pears
2 slices of Bartlett Pear
2 oz. simple syrup, or 1 tbsp. super fine sugar and 1 oz. water
1 wedge of lemon

Place 2 pear slices and a lemon wedge in a shaker. Muddle them until the pear is the consistency of a purée. Add the remaining liquid ingredients and ice. Shake and strain into a martini glass. Garnish with pear slices.