Fall Pumpkin Pie Shot & Mason Jar Cider Cocktail Recipe


The best part about fall is pumpkin spice. I don’t care who you are, if you think pumpkin spice is dumb, you’re probably a hipster hater! Anyway, because Anna and I are so white and obviously love pumpkin spice (no matter how Basic Bitch it is) we scoured Pinterest trying to find the perfect way to drink fall and we did it! One thing that ROYALLY sucks about living in Los Angeles and NOT being home in upstate New York is that it is impossible to find REAL apple cider. My husband and I actually drove up to Palmdale (far) because he’s from LA and has never had real apple cider. FYI apple cider and apple juice isn’t the same. IT’S NOT THE SAME, but this apple juice from Simply is amazing and the best option when you can’t find real apple cider. If anyone has another option, let me know!


Pumpkin Pie Shot

The best thing about both of these drinks is the simplicity of them. Let’s be honest, you just want to get to the drinking, not keep going to BevMo for a crap load of ingredients! Plus, if you’re like us you’re poor and can’t afford more than two things. We also used this Pumpkin Pie Whipped Cream from Ralph’s because WHY NOT?! If you have a Kroger or Ralph’s or whatever, go buy this ASAP and just suck it out of the can. I won’t tell.

Pumpkin Pie Shot

1oz Vanilla Vodka
1oz Apple Cider
Top with Whipped Cream and pumpkin pie spice

Down that bitch like Winter is Coming (lol that’s for you GoT fans)


Mason Jar Apple Cider Cocktail

This drink was kind of a no brainer. We had some Apple Jack Brandy left over from lighting pears and Everclear on fire, so we looked for another drink we could use it with! The recipe we found online called for bourbon, so of course use that if you want, but we felt using the Apple Jack takes this drink to the next level.

The other thing that was insane about the recipe we found called for all these different spices and a cinnamon stick. Luckily, because I’m a baker, I happen to have clove, allspice, nutmeg, and wait a second; isn’t that just Pumpkin Spice?! Yup, it sure is. Why make people measure out ginger and a million other things when you can just use your pumpkin spice? I know, we got you, don’t worry. Plus EVERYONE loves drinking out of a mason jar! All you have to do is put your ingredients in your mason jar, put the top on and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE IT OFF!!! Sorry, I’ve been listening to a LOT of Taylor Swift lately. Don’t shake it off.

Mason Jar Apple Cider Cocktail
2oz bourbon or Apple Jack Brandy (we had some left over and it was delicious)
3oz Apple Cider
1/2 Cinnamon Stick
Dash of Pumpkin Spice

Top with slice of apple and a cinnamon stick and get ready for fall to EXPLODE in your mouth