February 11



The Red Room of Delicious Cocktail!

The first time I found out what Fifty Shades of Grey was seems FOREVER ago. Mostly because it was, but anyway, Jonathan (husband) and I were on vacation way back in 2013. There was a girl sitting in the pool reading the book. As I get in she GRABS MY ARM and says “OH MY GOSH HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK IT IS AMAZING” I was like “ew no,” mostly because I saw the cover and thought “ew no.” She then made me read the first 3 pages and from that moment on I knew I’d NEVER EVER READ Fifty Shades of Anything. First of all, you make the main character a girl who says she’s never hungry AND MEANS IT. Unfortunately that wasn’t the most unreadable part of the book, but HERE WE ARE 2 years later and this pile of Menopausal Mom Garbage is making it’s way onto the big screen.

Anna and I tossed around the idea of at least one of us reading it but decided we valued our friendship and the fact that we read ACTUAL books, not Twilight fan-fiction. That was that. The first page I randomly opened up to was a passage I can only describe as “bloody tampon sex” and we both cried in different closets and came back.

To continue on with the video, we decided to just read the book live and see what happens. Thankfully we had a ton of Fresca left over (because it’s delicious) and decided to throw them in a wine glass with some grenadine and vodka because how bad could that be?! The grenadine makes it pink and pink means romance and romance means spanking! Enjoy one or two and don’t let us know what happens next 🙂
The Red Room of Sex


2oz Vodka
1oz Kirschwasser Cherry Brandy
Indiana Jones whip optional

Pour Grenadine over ice. Slowly pour your kirschwasser and vodka and top with Fresco or Club Soda if you don’t want it too sweet. SUCK THAT STUFF BACK AND MAKE SOME MAGIC!!!