About Anna & Emily


Anna and Emily met 3 years ago in Los Angeles while both working on a game show that shall not be named, ok fine it was “Deal With It!” on TBS (very funny). After trying several recipes on Pinterest only to realize that some of the recipes a) sucked or b) were WAY too complicated, the two decided to start a recipe how-to coming up with improvements whether they work or not. Since both of them both have been told on MANY occasions that they resemble Topanga Lawrence from “Boy Meets World,” they decided to let this play into their name. Before their first video, Emily decided they should just have one drink to loosen themselves up since they were both nervous. Well, from one drink led to multiple and from there it’s history. They don’t condone drinking to excess ever and feel everyone should drink responsibly.




Emily is married (yes, seriously) and has 2 dogs, Lady and Ellie. Lady is a cocker spaniel and LOVES making guest appearances and wearing costumes. She actually might hate wearing costumes, but she can’t talk. Emily’s husband, Jonathan, also loves being involved in Too Drunk Topangas. On his first (and only) time being a producer, he forgot to turn the microphone on which is now only referred to “Simpsongate 2014.” She officially became a California resident in May despite trying to get Jonathan to move back to her hometown in upstate New York, very, very unsuccessfully. She collects college degrees and will beat anyone in “Friends” trivia. She also enjoys Disney movies more than anyone in their 30’s should. She loves baking and carbs and bagels.