October 03

DIY Edible Honey and Yogurt Face Mask

It’s that weird time of year where it’s no longer summer and it’s fall TECHNICALLY so it’s the best time to do a complete rejuvenation on your face! For our sleepover fun time face mask we used this recipe from crap in my fridge. ***NOTE*** Do NOT use gogurt on your face, ok?! Girls Talkin’ […]

September 25

Drunken Angel “Deep Fried Tequila” Bites

  ****CHEF TIP!!!**** DO NOT USE BOXED ANGEL FOOD CAKE!!!! The cake will fall apart when you put it in the alcohol and just soak up the oil, so unless you’re into that, DO ALTON BROWNS RECIPE! Feel free to sub ORANGE EXTRACT with TRIPLE SEC like we did. Alton Brown’s Angel Food Cake Recipe […]

September 10

The Crazy Eyes Surprise Cocktail

  The Crazy Eyes Surprise Cocktail (Better Than Your Moms Screwdriver) 1.5 oz of Vodka (we used citrus vodka because yummm!) Orange Juice to taste with no pulp (We always use Simply brand) Orange Slices Splash of Champagne Fresh Lemon Juice OPTIONAL! Top with St. Germain In a shaker, muddle 2 to 3 slices of […]

September 02

The Saintly Cucumber Cocktail

Here’s a not-so-big surprise: We love cucumber. Like a lot. Not in a gross, sexy way, but in that way where it tastes so refreshing and hydrating and so healthy that you’re basically on a diet when you drink it. After SCOURGING Pinterest for a while, we finally found a recipe we sort of liked. […]

August 19

Blood in the Water Cocktail: Shark Week Edition

Blood in the Water Cocktail It’s Shark Week and what better way to celebrate than with this amazingly gross looking, but delicious, shark week cocktail! Anna and I came up with this while scouring the internet for the perfect shark week cocktail. We combined our favorite things and got this and it’s YUMMMMY! Plus we […]